Hi! This is a weird start but you have to audition for Eleanor&Park. I mean you ARE Eleanor.When I saw your photos, I swooned because I didn't find anyone who looks like Eleanor before and I was so happy when I saw your cosplayer pics. from whosedwinsmithanyway



First of all, WOW, and THANKS.
It’s really amazing how everyone thinks I look like Eleanor; so many people relate to her emotionally and physically. I’d be proud to play her in a film and have everyone recognise ME as Eleanor, IF I could.
Second, if I were to play Eleanor in the film, it wouldn’t be an accurate representation. I have no acting experience, and no time to learn if I have the talent to play such a complex character. I wouldn’t know the first thing to do.
Also, although many people relate to her physically, I think it might be even more important to have an actress who can interpret Eleanor EMOTIONALLY. In the book Eleanor is being emotionally harassed by her stepfather, and the kids at school. She is being beaten down by prejudices, and by the broken ideals that hurt so many people. This is one of the reasons why people empathise with her so much. Not just because she’s a ginger, or because she’s heavy, but because she FEELS what it’s like to be those things. Eleanor in herself is more than just a face or a body, she’s a PERSON, with human feelings. She has Park, and her siblings, and a few friends at school, but through it all she still feels terrible.
THAT’S the main reason I love Eleanor. Not because she LOOKS like ME, but because I FEEL like HER.
And because she had the courage to ESCAPE from that toxic situation.
So you can see why I would be reluctant to play her part in a film. Though I would LOOK like Eleanor, I wouldn’t ACT like Eleanor. It wouldn’t be an accurate character representation. I wouldn’t bring that spark that makes Eleanor who she is. Personally, I wouldn’t mind as much if Eleanor didn’t look exactly like she did in my head, IF the actress who played her had the talent to transform into her.
I hope she does, because otherwise thousands of people will be disappointed.

Melissa, this is beautiful. You are beautiful. You have made me cry. 

Here’s a link to photos of Melissa cosplaying Eleanor.