Animation layouts from Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し).

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Artist: Florence + The Machine
Album: Lungs
Track: Cosmic Love (Acoustic Version)
Plays: 117,635



Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love (Acoustic Version)

i want to die to this

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But it’s your favourite just the same?

But it’s your favourite just the same?


Me at the last season of every show I watch.

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When your crush uploads a selfie




that’s a real fancy way of saying “I’m a huge geek”

i’m using this phrase from now on



that’s a real fancy way of saying “I’m a huge geek”

i’m using this phrase from now on

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Anonymous sent: SHORT HAIR???? You beautiful, surprising, delightful-as-all-fuck human. Pictures, please??


Yeah, dude! I got it done like 3 weeks ago! I only have a few photos because I haven’t been in selfie-moods but there is this arrogantly exposed one.

positivelyglowing:  weight-a-second:  I feel brand new  OMG!!!!! I love it. I am a massive drastic haircut advocate.  Thank youuuu!!! 

PS. Nonny, if you keep talkin’ me up like this— I’m going to have to propose because I’m about 100% certain that those are the best words I have ever heard/seen anyone use to describe yours truly. Jesusssssss.


I love the term “arrogantly exposed,” but also, that’s such a good pic of your new ‘do, I couldn’t help but see what it’d look like a little less exposed…

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Seriously we have one season left. All this bill flash back filler crap needs to stop. There is no point in this none, nada, zip.

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We have lost phone conversations, because talking on cell phones is no fun at all, and it’s harder than texting or typing. I do think we’ve lost that, but we’ve gained a lot with the internet. I feel like the internet has turned us all into letter writers. I think of my mother when I was a kid, she never wrote down anything but a grocery list. People didn’t write, because you’d call. Why would you write anything? But now we’re all writers.

So when people complain about grammar and punctuation, I think it isn’t that our grammar and punctuation have gotten worse, but that it used to be that only writers wrote. Only people who were in education wrote, but now we all write: we all text, we all post. I feel like we’ve lost phones but we’ve gained this whole different type of correspondence that hasn’t existed since the age of letter writing.
Rainbow Rowell interview on Den of Geek: Landline, fangirls, the internet (via bethanyactually)

~ Carter’s Thrixaline, 1894via Flickr


~ Carter’s Thrixaline, 1894
via Flickr

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